Welcome, Roses


My name is Rosie, and I am here to tell you about my experiences with boys.

Granted, these are romance stories. But not all of them will awaken the butterflies in your stomach, some you may even be able to relate with. Either way, I will be telling true stories, whether they are sickly romantic or just disappointing.

The point of this blog, well… there isn’t really a point other than to type out my experience and feelings. However, if you can relate with anything, please, comment. I’ll listen.

You could ask, why roses?

Roses are my favorite. Sure, they may be cliche’, but they carry such deep meaning. Roses are rich, deep, romantic, beautiful and strong… The 5 things I still believe a relationship should be.

Anyway, welcome to my love life.


~With love,


Breaking Hearts

First of all, WHY? Just… why?

You know what I’m talking about. Someone falls in love with you when you never even considered them. Next thing you know, you find out that someone actually loves you.

Had a crush on you.

Really liked you.

Adored you.

And you don’t even realize until a day comes when the person makes it so blindly obvious that they’re in love with you. You don’t even have enough time to take a breath before they start explaining their love.

You want nothing more than to not hear why they love you, want you.
This is what breaks my heart, and theirs. It makes me feel like I have a stone-cold heart, but I can’t lie and say I love them back. I won’t force myself to love a person when I simply don’t find them… in that way.
I can’t stand to listen about how they went into adoring me. I want the person to cut it off. Now. No more. Leave it behind and get over it.

I sound like an ice queen, but it’s true.

I’m sorry. 

It’s not that I can’t or won’t love, like I don’t know how to love, but rather I just don’t feel what they feel. It’s hard to do, rejecting love from someone who offers you everything.

Breaking hearts, left and right. It’s not something to brag about.
Just wait, heartbreakers and lovers, someone will come in and embrace you with the love you’re holding out for.


The Blind Date

This is a different kind of blind. This is the date when you are just casually hanging with a dude and suddenly someone swoops in, saying it’s a date. “If it’s just you two, it’s a date.”

Fuck. That.

I’m one of those girls that actually likes hanging out with guys. It is a good and horrible thing.

I suppose I’m going “old school” and insist that when there is indeed a date, the guy should man up and straight up say it’s a date. None of this “hanging out ” shit. No. Smh.

Honestly, this messing around, saying two people are dating when they’ve sincerely just hung out is.. belittling.

It’s a date or it’s not. You’re in a relationship or not… You’re dead or you’re not.

Don’t let yourself be caught up in this kind of blind date. You may seem old school or a label-er, but know what you’ve stepped into. Be blunt. Don’t feel as though your whole time of hanging out will turn into a date-trap.

For future reference, remember this:

“Discern the relationship.
Pursue with clarity.
Commit with sincerity.”

~Jason Evert


Wait for this guy. ^ Obviously ready for a date with you, and has brought beautiful roses to decorate your house so when you see the flowers you’ll think of him. Dorky, I know. But who isn’t a romantic in someway? ūüėČ

P.S. The guy is Nick Bateman in the pic.

My Nightmare; The Bad Boy

You know the saying, “Why do girls only fall for the bad boys? No wonder they are hurt, girls do it to themselves.”

Well, I met my bad boy. Today, actually. Right now, I’m cursing him over and over in my mind from the things he said to me in one afternoon. With every intrusive question, I felt walls around my soul spring up like I had never felt. I would look him in the eyes, as if asking if he was serious silently. Sometimes I would laugh, not believing what he would say to me. He knew exactly how to irk me. Then, it was as if he¬†knew he made me not like him more and more. ¬†Two minutes later, he would do something as if to apologize to me.

This is the problem with bad boys; You never know when, or even if, to trust them. You honestly don’t know what they’re going to do next. You don’t know what their deal is, and maybe we girls will never know. You don’t know if they actually care for you, or if they want to add you to their scoreboard. You¬†never know what is going on in that boy’s mind. That’s the scariest part.

Here’s my problem, as the girl; We dig so deep to find a connection with a person that even a mysterious boy could probably solve that. We girls can eat up the smallest things that could possibly matter. But even more than that, we think we can.. well, I wouldn’t go as far to say “change” the boy, but¬†fix them.

It’s simple. Girls need to stay away from these kind of boys.

But then, I think that maybe I can help him. Maybe I can make him see how he can get his life on track. I don’t mean it in a rude way. But sometimes it takes a bold person to put bold questions in a young person’s mind.

And then, hopefully they can ponder it enough to help them understand something about themselves that they couldn’t quite reach before. That’s all I hope for.

You never know why boys can be that way. Maybe they are protecting themselves, maybe some past trauma, or maybe they just have absolutely know idea how to deal with girls and/or life.

By no means do I want to give myself completely to a boy who is rude and moody to me when I never did anything wrong .

Be cautious and careful, girls. Be aware of what you’re doing.



A First Date Without Roses

Let me tell you about my first date ever.

It was 3 days before the New Year. Me and a guy, let’s call him “Alec”, from work had started flirting a week before hand.

I was new to the job, so I was fresh meat. I made friends with everyone fast, and soon ¬†I was headed to the bowling alley in town to play a round with Alec and his friend. They were cool. We laughed a bunch, which I hadn’t been able to do in a while. Inside jokes were made between the three of us. And soon, it was 10 o’clock and time to go home. The next day, we all hung out again. I was surprised they actually wanted to pick me up the next morning. It was raining and grey out, so we decided to head to Alec’s house and hang out… Long story short, I realized I liked flirting with Alec. He was a possibility in my mind.

And so it was those 3 days before New Years when I made the mistake (even though I thought it was cool) of asking¬†him out on a date. We had talked about taking the 4-wheelers out of town to see the city lights and stargaze (romantic, right?). Plus, it was an adventure, and I like adventures. ¬†He never actually decided when we would go, and I was getting anxious. I wanted to see the city lights.. and have some alone time with this guy. I really didn’t know much about him; what he liked, what he didn’t, what he wanted to do in life. ¬†So, I asked him if we could make it a date. And boy, did he jump right in and say yes! The next day was our date.

We got off work at the same time the next day, but throughout the day we gave each other intimate glances and smiles. At one point, I said to him, “Better make it special. It’s my first date ever,” with a wink. He said he would make it special.

And honestly, it really was a good first date.

I had changed into something cute, but not too cute to where I was trying to impress anyone.

As it had turned out, the recent rain had made the 4-wheeler road  slippery with mud, so that meant no adventure.

Instead, we went long boarding in the park by the lake, grabbed some pizza, and headed back to Alec’s place. Next, was the most romantic part of the night; watching a rom-com on the back porch. There were little christmas lights strung up, and a fancy fireplace. To top it off, the weather was warm and a light breeze shuffled the palm trees. It was absolutely perfect.

The rest of the 2 hours we spent together that night was good. We laughed and it was easy. His parents were light and fun to be around, I didn’t feel intimidated.

All in all, this date lasted 6 hours, I think. A long date.


The next couple of days changed rapidly. At work, and in general. I think I made the mistake of asking if we could do it again. After I said that, the silent treatment began.

No texts. No talking to me at work. Avoiding me.

This is where I decided that no matter how nice the boy is, a boy can always turn his back to you.

A date without roses. It was a date, no doubt, but it held nothing real.

Have you ever been on a date like this?