My Nightmare; The Bad Boy

You know the saying, “Why do girls only fall for the bad boys? No wonder they are hurt, girls do it to themselves.”

Well, I met my bad boy. Today, actually. Right now, I’m cursing him over and over in my mind from the things he said to me in one afternoon. With every intrusive question, I felt walls around my soul spring up like I had never felt. I would look him in the eyes, as if asking if he was serious silently. Sometimes I would laugh, not believing what he would say to me. He knew exactly how to irk me. Then, it was as if he knew he made me not like him more and more.  Two minutes later, he would do something as if to apologize to me.

This is the problem with bad boys; You never know when, or even if, to trust them. You honestly don’t know what they’re going to do next. You don’t know what their deal is, and maybe we girls will never know. You don’t know if they actually care for you, or if they want to add you to their scoreboard. You never know what is going on in that boy’s mind. That’s the scariest part.

Here’s my problem, as the girl; We dig so deep to find a connection with a person that even a mysterious boy could probably solve that. We girls can eat up the smallest things that could possibly matter. But even more than that, we think we can.. well, I wouldn’t go as far to say “change” the boy, but fix them.

It’s simple. Girls need to stay away from these kind of boys.

But then, I think that maybe I can help him. Maybe I can make him see how he can get his life on track. I don’t mean it in a rude way. But sometimes it takes a bold person to put bold questions in a young person’s mind.

And then, hopefully they can ponder it enough to help them understand something about themselves that they couldn’t quite reach before. That’s all I hope for.

You never know why boys can be that way. Maybe they are protecting themselves, maybe some past trauma, or maybe they just have absolutely know idea how to deal with girls and/or life.

By no means do I want to give myself completely to a boy who is rude and moody to me when I never did anything wrong .

Be cautious and careful, girls. Be aware of what you’re doing.